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Abbie, 25 years, Virgo Woman looking for a man 31-37 160 cm (5'3"), 48 kg (105 lbs) Marriage
Tristan, 33 years, Aquarius Man wants to meet a woman 24-31 190 cm (6'3"), 79 kg (174 lbs) Trips, Karaoke
Melissa, 21 years old, Capricorn An affectionate woman looking for someone like you 167 cm (5'6"), 49 kg (108 lbs) Friendship
Ethan, 60 years, Scorpio Man looking for a senior lady 187 cm (6'2"), 88 kg (194 lbs) Real relationship
Megan, 34 years, Taurus Single woman looking for a husband 175 cm (5'9"), 57 kg (125 lbs) Hip-hop, Wine tasting
Ellie, 56 years, Libra I love bowling and swimming 155 cm (5'2"), 68 kg (149 lbs) Wedding
Tom, 44 years old, Sagittarius I work on the beach looking for an energetic woman 170 cm (5'7"), 90 kg (198 lbs) Short term relationship
Ashley, 41 years, Cancer I need a tough guy to travel 172 cm (5'8"), 66 kg (145 lbs) Serious relationship
Jessica, 23 years old, Gemini Girl looking for a boyfriend 161 cm (5'4"), 53 kg (116 lbs) Real love
Clare, 32 years, Scorpio Woman looking for a couple 164 cm (5'5"), 56 kg (123 lbs) Boating, Philosophy
Joel, 26 years, Pisces Man looking for a woman 25-30 181 cm (6'0"), 76 kg (167 lbs) Family
Stewart, 35 years, Taurus Single man looking for a wife 25-30 176 cm (5'10"), 87 kg (191 lbs) Meditation, Literature
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