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Andrew, 59 years old, Virgo Man looking for a senior lady 50-55 181 cm (6'0"), 82 kg (180 lbs) Family
Kayla, 55 years, Capricorn I prefer sports and theater 164 cm (5'5"), 65 kg (143 lbs) Wedding
Shane, 24 years, Gemini Guy is looking for a girlfriend 180 cm (5'11"), 79 kg (174 lbs) Short term relationship
Jennifer, 27 years, Aries Woman looking for a man 31-38 160 cm (5'3"), 52 kg (114 lbs) Real love
Jake, 41 years, Aries I'm looking for a seductive woman 183 cm (6'1"), 89 kg (196 lbs) Real relationship
Megan, 22 years old, Scorpio Charming woman looking for friends 161 cm (5'4"), 50 kg (110 lbs) Marriage
Lachlan, 36 years, Sagittarius Single man looking for a wife 28-31 186 cm (6'2"), 81 kg (178 lbs) Hip-hop, Cooking
Paige, 33 years, Cancer Single woman looking for a husband 168 cm (5'7"), 57 kg (125 lbs) Painting, Karaoke
Mitchell, 34 years, Leo Man wants to meet a woman 189 cm (6'3"), 87 kg (191 lbs) Jogging, Cinema
Zoe, 43 years, Gemini I need a cool man for a walk together 174 cm (5'9"), 66 kg (145 lbs) Serious relationship
Nicole, 23 years old, Virgo Girl looking for a boyfriend 166 cm (5'6"), 55 kg (121 lbs) Friendship
Casey, 32 years, Sagittarius Woman looking for a couple 34-39 171 cm (5'8"), 56 kg (123 lbs) Art, Philosophy
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