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Men and women online in Glen Iris

Riley, 58 years old, Capricorn Man looking for a senior lady 189 cm (6'3"), 86 kg (189 lbs) Short term relationship
Abbey, 44 years old, Gemini I'm looking for an energetic friend for fun 174 cm (5'9"), 68 kg (149 lbs) Serious relationship
Ava, 33 years, Capricorn Woman looking for a couple 160 cm (5'3"), 58 kg (127 lbs) Theatrical art, Car racing
Daniel, 43 years, Cancer I'm a programmer looking for an exceptional woman 182 cm (6'0"), 83 kg (182 lbs) Family
Emily, 56 years, Scorpio I'm interested in nightclubs and theater 166 cm (5'6"), 64 kg (141 lbs) Real love
Clare, 27 years, Pisces Woman looking for a man 31-34 170 cm (5'7"), 55 kg (121 lbs) Friendship
Abby, 21 years old, Libra Message me, I'm a gentle woman 165 cm (5'5"), 53 kg (116 lbs) Marriage
Jackson, 36 years, Aries Man wants to meet a woman 186 cm (6'2"), 79 kg (174 lbs) Sailing, Gardening
Mitchell, 31 year, Libra Single man looking for a wife 178 cm (5'11"), 88 kg (194 lbs) Roller skating, Motorsport
Ben, 22 years old, Sagittarius Guy is looking for a girlfriend 26-30 177 cm (5'10"), 72 kg (158 lbs) Real relationship
Grace, 23 years old, Cancer Girl looking for a boyfriend 171 cm (5'8"), 54 kg (119 lbs) Wedding
Sarah, 34 years, Aries Single woman looking for a husband 162 cm (5'4"), 62 kg (136 lbs) Dog training, Board games
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