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Men and women online in Thomastown

Jake, 57 years old, Virgo Man looking for a senior lady 46-52 186 cm (6'2"), 93 kg (205 lbs) Real relationship
Nicole, 42 years, Sagittarius I want to meet an affectionate friend 163 cm (5'5"), 60 kg (132 lbs) Marriage
Dylan, 23 years old, Pisces Man looking for a woman 25-29 182 cm (6'0"), 78 kg (171 lbs) Family
Marcus, 36 years, Cancer Man wants to meet a woman 29-32 178 cm (5'11"), 77 kg (169 lbs) Motorsport, Tennis
Ava, 33 years, Cancer Woman looking for a couple 37-40 162 cm (5'4"), 55 kg (121 lbs) Theatrical art, Foreign languages
Melissa, 32 years, Taurus Single woman looking for a husband 160 cm (5'3"), 61 kg (134 lbs) Diving, Entrepreneurship
Lucy, 22 years old, Capricorn Woman looking for a man 170 cm (5'7"), 53 kg (116 lbs) Wedding
Lisa, 58 years old, Libra I love theater and meditation 175 cm (5'9"), 67 kg (147 lbs) Friendship
Bonnie, 27 years, Aries Let's meet, I'm a curious woman 166 cm (5'6"), 48 kg (105 lbs) Real love
Tristan, 31 year, Libra Single man looking for a wife 21-29 184 cm (6'1"), 75 kg (165 lbs) Water skiing, Physics
Anthony, 41 years, Sagittarius I'm a plastic surgeon, I need a nice woman 188 cm (6'3"), 87 kg (191 lbs) Short term relationship
Madison, 24 years, Virgo Girl looking for a boyfriend 26-35 172 cm (5'8"), 51 kg (112 lbs) Serious relationship
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