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Men and women online in Hampton

Jake, 60 years, Aquarius Man looking for a senior lady 50-56 189 cm (6'3"), 88 kg (194 lbs) Short term relationship
Natalie, 30 years, Taurus Single woman looking for a husband 34-42 165 cm (5'5"), 59 kg (130 lbs) Powerlifting, Ballet
Emily, 25 years, Cancer Girl looking for a boyfriend 27-37 167 cm (5'6"), 52 kg (114 lbs) Marriage
Kayla, 22 years old, Leo See you soon, I'm an attractive woman 175 cm (5'9"), 48 kg (105 lbs) Serious relationship
Noah, 32 years, Pisces Man wants to meet a woman 25-30 180 cm (5'11"), 85 kg (187 lbs) Politics and law, Safari
Peter, 23 years old, Scorpio Man looking for a woman 26-31 185 cm (6'1"), 80 kg (176 lbs) Real relationship
Tahlia, 31 year, Capricorn Woman looking for a couple 34-41 171 cm (5'8"), 63 kg (138 lbs) Healthy eating, Rock
Rachel, 44 years old, Aquarius I need a seductive friend to cook together 157 cm (5'2"), 65 kg (143 lbs) Wedding
Melissa, 24 years, Aries Woman looking for a man 170 cm (5'7"), 50 kg (110 lbs) Real love
Oliver, 41 years, Aries I'm a designer, I need a modest woman 176 cm (5'10"), 90 kg (198 lbs) Family
Samuel, 36 years, Gemini Single man looking for a wife 181 cm (6'0"), 87 kg (191 lbs) Board games, Karting
Rebecca, 55 years, Virgo I love travel and tennis 162 cm (5'4"), 61 kg (134 lbs) Friendship
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