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Men and women online in Sandringham

Kayla, 24 years, Scorpio Girl looking for a boyfriend 163 cm (5'5"), 50 kg (110 lbs) Marriage
Eliza, 26 years, Libra A good woman looking for a serious relationship 166 cm (5'6"), 49 kg (108 lbs) Wedding
Bianca, 22 years old, Pisces Woman looking for a man 27-32 161 cm (5'4"), 53 kg (116 lbs) Real love
Ava, 35 years, Cancer Woman looking for a couple 41-42 171 cm (5'8"), 56 kg (123 lbs) Cars, Base jumping
Corey, 36 years, Pisces Single man looking for a wife 29-32 188 cm (6'3"), 78 kg (171 lbs) Volleyball, Electronics
Peter, 25 years, Scorpio Guy is looking for a girlfriend 182 cm (6'0"), 81 kg (178 lbs) Real relationship
Kieran, 56 years, Aquarius Man looking for a senior lady 47-52 186 cm (6'2"), 91 kg (200 lbs) Family
Caleb, 45 years, Capricorn I'm a manager looking for an elegant woman 177 cm (5'10"), 90 kg (198 lbs) Short term relationship
Oscar, 34 years, Sagittarius Man wants to meet a woman 178 cm (5'11"), 84 kg (185 lbs) Piano playing, Love
Amelia, 44 years old, Leo I need a generous friend to walk together 156 cm (5'2"), 65 kg (143 lbs) Friendship
Jess, 32 years, Aries Single woman looking for a husband 175 cm (5'9"), 63 kg (138 lbs) Videogames, Video editing
Holly, 58 years old, Taurus I love movies and piano 169 cm (5'7"), 69 kg (152 lbs) Serious relationship
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